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Delka Nenkova-Producer/Actress & CEO of Mermaid Environment-

This is the only one “Strictly Entertainment-No gossip” MAGAZINE. I contacted them because I wanted my Film “DELKA: Stand-Up Tall or Fall” to be Featured in a Serious, but still Fun and Glamorous Magazine. I received Top Professional Services and Flexibility “Custom-made” for my Needs; I’m going to continue working our content INTERNATIONALLY with HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY (Since our Movie has a widely International Cast and Target Audience). Furthermore, I Love the Diversity in The Magazine and the Owner, Prather Jackson is Amazing Person-he really did Give our Movie great Support. I Cordially THANK PRATHER JACKSON & HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY MAGAZINE! 

Eric Zuley- CEO/FOUNDER eZWay Network, TV Talk Show host, actor and digital consultant for the elite. ericzuley.com Founder of ezwayaccess.com

Hollywood Weekly Magazine is the real deal. I was featured as the 2016 July Cover which was an experience in itself. People were taking pictures of me on the cover of HWM on newsstands, 7-11, stores and more. After being on the cover, a year later they recognized me as a digital trailblazer at their annual Film Festival which really helped boost my brand credibility. If you want to get your name and brand credibility boosted, which helps increase your closing ratio with your clients or sponsors then definitely consider putting HWM into your marketing budget. I witnessed the results and still continue to have a positive relationship with them and look forward to seeing what the future holds